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Caring for, honoring, and loving all things green and growing.

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Plants by Luis is a plant care business that specializes in tending to all of your plant needs. Are you someone who would love more plants in your home but don't have the time for them? Well we're to solve that and any other concerns you may have regarding your plants. Plants by Luis provides you with all the tools and resources needed, we offer a variety of options for you like cleaning & pruning, re-potting, our own mixture of fertilizer & soil, and many more options. Feeding and dusting your plants also plays a huge role in your plants overall health and we easily help maintain that balance. At Plants by Luis we're always up to date with plant knowledge and continuously learning more every day. We are always researching and doing our best so that we can provide you with the best services. It is scientifically proven that plants clean the air we breathe and deliver oxygen, while also getting rid of the environment toxins. This is very beneficial for you, your pets, and your home. It is also proven that plants help bring more positive energy in a home and improve work productivity.

Red Gerbera



This is like self-care but for plants. Cleaning the dust of leaves and removing dead leaves is very beneficial for the overall health of a plant. We simply clean each and every leaf with love and promote new growth, while watering each plant to its specific needs.


This is an important part of a plant's needs. We re-pot any plants that need more space for their roots to grow. In this process we also add in our soil and fertilizer mixture that provides the plant with the required nutrients it needs.


Attention to detail is very important when it comes to choosing plants for your home. We help you pick and easily give you access to any plant choice you want, making it easy for you to be stress & worry free. You can choose from plants we personally grow or we can also source any plant that may interest you and provide you with everything you need. Giving you as many options as possible to choose from.


Gladly providing you with assistance for outdoor planting & care is also a huge option that Plants by Luis offers. Saving you valuable time and energy, while also giving your outdoor gardens the care they need. 


These are also additional options we offer at Plants by Luis. This requires scheduling in advance, please contact for more information.


Why people love Luis


Ever since Luis started caring for my plants there is constant new growth, brighter colors and better energy all around. He is wonderful to work with and I enjoy having him to my house each week - always smiling, giving gratitude and showing love.

Kyle C.

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